Beats Music marketing emails

Launching a series of marketing emails for app conversion

Beats Music app screen
Project Details
Front-End Developer
HTML, CSS, VSCode, Litmus
Jason Yau, Principal Engineer
Chris Yee, Senior Engineer,
Dudley Wong, Product Manager
Julie Kwak, Product Manager
Before the launch of Beats Music (now Apple Music) I was brought in to work remotely with the team in San Francisco in launching and developing their e-mail marketing campaigns that corresponded with the launch of the app. The goal of the campaign was to urge users to sign up for the paid service by the end of their seven day trial period.
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With a lot to cover in a short amount of time, I had to be  strategic in the way I approached my development keeping in mind that  each e-mail was to be fully responsive. Since every email client handles  rendering differently, I started off with one master layout and applied  the code to the rest of the e-mails while simultaneously testing in  Litmus.
Results + Learnings
There were definitely challenges along the way while developing these emails: for one, how each email client handles and renders code especially when it came to native applications and web based email clients. More importantly, Microsoft office proved to be a difficult client to get right.

After starting from scratch multiple times and stripping my code to the bare minimum then did I find I could properly assess and get each email looking close to the original design.

The Beats team were very supportive and understanding when it came to developing this series of emails and were there with me every step of the way while tinkering on their end too. Once these emails launched the team found great success in email conversion rates which resulted in multiple app downloads.